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MeetupPS PowerShell module

2018/04/30 | 3 minute read

I recently released a PowerShell module called MeetupPS to interact with the Meetup API. This allows you to gather information about groups and create events

SpaceX PowerShell module

2018/02/05 | 6 minute read

With the very exciting upcoming launch of the Falcon Heavy 🚀 this week, I worked on a SpaceX PowerShell module that interacts with the SpaceX-API to retrieve...

CoinMarketCap PowerShell module

2017/11/26 | 5 minute read

I recently developed an interest for cryptocurrencies. I created a PowerShell module to interact with CoinMarketCap, a website where you can explore coins in...

PowerShell Saturday Paris

2017/08/27 | 1 minute read

Septembre 2016 represente le premier anniversaire du French PowerShell User group. Pour cette occasion nour organisons un evenement le Samedi 16 Septembre 20...

PowerShell Command Precedence

2017/06/30 | 2 minute read

If you have a function, a module’s function and a Cmdlet with the same exact name, which command will answer first ? This is the role of Command Precedence i...

Using $$, $^, $?

2017/06/26 | less than 1 minute read

As requested by some of the User Group members, here are some of the variables that store state information for PowerShell. These variables are created and m...

MVP PowerShell module

2017/05/04 | 5 minute read

The MVP PowerShell module allow you to interact with the Microsoft MVP portal to maintain and update a profile